Friday, June 26, 2009

"Veep" lounge

Thanks to the only Advantage Miles tickets being in business class, I get to at least live out the last few hours of vacation with special treatment. They have a VIP lounge for business class travelers, which includes free snacks, drinks, and maybe even alcohol (though I am not going to get up and ask... my Sprite Zero and latte worked just fine). I've already gotten 2 rounds of finger sandwiches - as I shove my face with these 1 sq. inch delicacies, I think the guy next to me is eyeing me like "she must not get the VIP lounge treatment often." He has no idea who he is messing with... I have 20 min till boarding, that's at least a good 5-10 more tiny treats :)

I'm really happy I decided to do some site-seeing in Lima today. The cathedral here is beautiful. I also watched the changing of the guard at the "White House" of Peru- I wonder what Washington would be like if they had a marching band play for 30 min every day at noon as the 2 guards that watch over the front door are changed out. Apparently an ex-governor of Peru died last week and his funeral was today. I actually saw them preparing everything for the service in the Cathedral before I realized what was going on, and the Plaza de Armas was PACKED with people. I got outta there quick, did some shopping, then headed to the apartment to pack. Oh man, some how my luggage reproduced during the last month. I checked two bags on the way here, and I did the same for leaving- however I'm also carrying two with me this time, and they are heaaavy. I packed before I worked out, so I have a plastic grocery bag of sweaty clothes in my backpack. Yum! Maybe if the person next to me on the plane is annoying, I'll just pull them out to dry. bahha.

I went for my last run in the Southern Hemisphere for a while today :( I ran to the ocean... all the way down those stairs, to say goodbye and get some pictures. I ended up running around and snapping photos for an hour, so by the time I got back it was dark and Jason and I had to hurry to get some dinner and hit the road. We went to San Antonio's again, got a bunch of Peruvian pastries (empanadas, hummitas, tortilla espanola, etc). It was delicious, but kind of rushed. When we got back, the taxi driver was waiting for me. We had a very, very sad goodbye... I look forward to seeing him some time soon and just laying around and doing nothing for one or two days. We didn't have a single day this whole month where we just sat around and relaxed (he had to go in to work most weekends, and the only time he didn't we went to the zoo and around Lima). But despite not getting to hang out together as much as we would've liked, we're both SO thankful that we got to take this trip, and it was such a wonderful experience for the both of us. He's very sad he has to leave Peru, and is already talking about where to go next (or when he can come back), and I got to see many places I've been wanting to see my entire life. I'd love to come back, but I also can't wait to see the next travel adventure life presents (I just have to save my money for 5 years again... Ha!).

Alright, I've killed 15 min I could be scarfing free food. Shameful, really. I will put up more pics soon and excited to see everyone when I get home!! Adios...

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